Cloud for Marketing: why it’s the future for media agencies

Andrea Di Fonzo
2 min readSep 24, 2019


a new starting point in my job

Cloud, Marketing, Data, Technology … lots of words that we are overusing in the last 18 months. And maybe we are using because we have not idea about what they really mean

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But there’s one term that like a spark give me a new idea and vision about my job, and this is Cloud for Marketing.

I was in New York few months ago, and the term was not new, but during a meeting with some brilliant minds coming from different corner in the world, I finally see the light. Cloud for Marketing is the most sexy and complete revolution in marketing world and will impact in a dramatically way all player: agency, brands, tech players, publishers, …

Cloud for Marketing is the perfect synthesis that join talents, tech, data, media, creativity, contents … everything. Cloud is the essence of the intangible asset but is the soul of everything.

After that meeting I came back to Milan and I’ve begun to design an idea of new agency or better a new idea of my job.

Everything will change. Profile, talents, knowhow, tools, platform … And first of all our mindset has to change!!

We have to think in totally different way, faster, more open (let me say “opensource”), collaborative, and definitely disrupting.

And I did first step to change and transform myself, my job, in a new momentum of philosophical Darwinism:

  1. to study, study, study … never stop and restart
  2. create a new role into the agency (that nobody has understood yet) of Director, Cloud for Marketing
  3. the most ambitious training program into a “media agency” about Machine Learning and Coding … 10% of my team fully trained in 4 months (people that never logged-in in cloud, never wrote a code, …)

This is the challenge and I would like to fix in my first story in Medium



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