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  • Andrea Arezzini

    Andrea Arezzini

    Crypto enthusiast ti trasmetto ciò che imparo per attrarre persone con i miei stessi interessi! https://arezziniandrea.medium.com/membership

  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama

    Dad, husband, President, citizen.

  • Andy Raskin

    Andy Raskin

    Helping leaders tell strategic stories. Ex @skype @mashery @timeinc http://andyraskin.com

  • Chris Bergen

    Chris Bergen

    Award-winning manager | Top Writer in Leadership and contributor at The Startup, The Helm and more | I’m into 80’s metal, Sci-Fi and Fitness 🤟🏼

  • Fabrizio Fantini

    Fabrizio Fantini

    The learnings and benefits of the ‘science of billions’: what if you could access more data than Amazon? Free Evo University project: https://evo.ltd/join

  • Massimo Bray

    Massimo Bray

    Ministro dei Beni culturali e del Turismo. Credo che partire dalla Cultura sia il modo migliore per costruire un Paese in cui tutti si riconoscano

  • Nereo Sciutto

    Nereo Sciutto

    Webranking (@wr_it) CEO and co-founder

  • Vinita


    Author: Upgrade Your Mindset. Scaling products → Scaling thinking (⊙_⊙) Former AVP Engineering, Swiggy. I write about work, progress and success.

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